Kit List

Kit List

6 Axis CNC

Doosan LYNX 2600SY

The latest addition to our portfolio, a 380dia x 610mm capacity dual spindle, 6 axis lathe with high torque driven tools. Built on high precision box linear guides in X, Z and Y axis, the 24 station turret provides the accuracy and rigidity to manufacture the most complex components efficiently.

3 Axis CNC

Hwacheon Cutex 160

A solid cast frame with linear guide rails for high precision, ultra high speed 2 axis turning. Supported by an LNS magazine bar feed its is capable of efficient manufacture of small to medium sized, low to high volume components in any material.

2 Axis CNC

Hwacheon Hi-Tech 300

A large capacity, high torque, 2 axis CNC lathe with a 600mm dia. x 800mm capacity and a 2 speed gearbox drive. Complimented by a high precision, solid slant bed construction it offer high productivity capabilities for larger components in all materials.

3 Axis CNC

Hurco VM30i

A high speed 3 axis machining centre, offering 1200x500x500 capacity in a very small footprint. Boasting a 20Hp, 12000rpm, through coolant spindle, mounted on a solid cast frame, it is capable of machining all materials efficiently. Support by Winmax control it has the ability to run complex, high speed machining strategies allowing the most efficient metal removal.

2 x

Doosan DNM 4500 – 5 Axis

Two powerful, direct drive, high precision machining centre with full 5 axis machining capability. Offering 800x450x510 standard capacity, and 200mm cube 5 axis capacity with Fanuc 0i-M control. Supported by Solidworks, Hypermill and Edgecam these machines have an impressive ability to produce the most complex components efficiently in any material.

Aberlink CMM

A fully programmable 3D CMM capable of measuring to 3um. It can accommodate components up to 350mm cube, is very quick and easy to program and use, and can produce simple to very detailed inspection report.

3 Axis CNC

Hurco VM10i

A high speed 3 axis machining centre, with an exceptionally small footprint but offering and impressive 660x400x500 capacity. Featuring a 12000rpm, 15Hp, through coolant spindle, mounted on a solid cast frame, it is capable of machining all materials efficiently. With a 20 station ATC and operated with a Winmax control it has the ability to machine the most complex components efficiently.

Haimer Heatshrink

The latest in heat shrink tooling technology, providing exceptionally accurate tool holding with zero tool runout achievable, long tool applications and ultra high clamping forces for the most demanding metal cutting conditions.


A large, very powerful, ultra high speed, twin pallet horizontal with nearly 600mm cube capacity, equipped with sophisticated part clamping technology, auto pallet change and full 4 axis machining capability. It is capable of producing low to high volume, simple or complex components efficiently in all materials.

3D Printer SLA

Formlabs Form 2

Professional resin 3D printing with exceptional quality, repeatability and reliability, with a 200mm cube capacity for manufacturing simple to very complex parts. It has the capability of producing perfectly functioning components as well as being the absolute solution for rapid prototyping and concept design manufacturing.

Haimer Toolpresetter

The latest in digital tool pre-setting technology, capable of measuring tooling to 1u. It guarantees tooling is set exceptionally accurately for the high precision applications and demanding high metal removal conditions. With direct DNC link to all machines, precise and efficient machine setting is achieved.

Shot Blasting Facilities

Fully enclosed large capacity shot blasting facility.

TIG/MIG Welding Services

High specification TIG and MIG welding equipment providing the ability to weld most materials.

Heat Treatment Facilities

A large 1m cube capacity computer controlled furnace. Case and through hardened capabilities but essentially used for annealing and stress relieving to ensure precision machining of complex components.