World culture is heading for excess consumption, with many of the products we used having a designed in shelf-life. We believe in your right to repair and also our right to tinker!

Our team is committed to supporting the maintenance and service of machinery and equipment. Spare parts, modifications to tooling and upgrades are all likely more economic than new capital investment. If your machinery is a little slow and clunky, before you go ahead with replacement, give us a call. It might save you a pretty penny and lower your Carbon footprint to boot.

For customers looking to improve manufacturing cycle times, the Holtex crew also offer consultancy;

All projects are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


In addition to new concepts and ideas, the Holtex team are able to turn your samples or hardware into full CAD geometry. Using cutting edge optical scanning technology, combined with CMM measurements, 3D and 2D models and drawings can be produced down to accuracy of +-3 μm.

Models generated can be used for iterative design, laying down new or improved mould tooling, understanding competition designs and dimensional verification.


Do you need a part urgently that has a long lead time or is no longer available? We can help!


Where possible we will reverse engineer existing components, optimise designs to improve robustness and precision manufacture a replacement part. Where existing components are not available or have failed.

We can produce freshly designed part to meet your needs, taking into account manufacturability and design limitations we can tweak existing designs to better suit manufacturing processes and reduce total cost.

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